Adel Sadek

  • Dr. Sadek is a Professor in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at the University at Buffalo (UB). He also serves as the Director of UB’s Institute for Sustainable Transportation and Logistics, and the Director of the Transportation Informatics Tier I University Transportation Center. Before joining UB in 2008 to lead the development of the department’s interdisciplinary program in transportation systems engineering, Dr. Sadek was an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Vermont (UVM), and held a secondary appointment in the Department of Computer Science. He also served as co-Director of UVM’s Complex Systems Center. Dr. Sadek is the recipient of the 1998 Milton Pikarsky Award for the best dissertation in the field of Transportation Science and Technology, awarded by the Council of University Transportation Centers, a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award, and a 2011 IBM Smarter Planet Faculty Innovation Award.

    Dr. Sadek’s research interests span a wide range of topics including transportation modeling and simulation, intelligent transportation systems, artificial intelligence applications in transportation, traffic engineering, transportation planning, and infrastructure management. His research has been most recently funded by several agencies, including NSF, the Federal Highway Administration, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), Region II University Transportation Research Center (UTRC2), among others. Dr. Sadek is coauthor of two Transportation textbooks, along with more than 100 papers in peer-refereed journals and refereed conference proceedings. He currently serves as Associate Editor of the Transportation Research – Part C journal, and is on the Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems. He is a member of the TRB committee on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications (ABJ70), and the committee on Surface Transportation Weather. He is also a member of the Advanced Technologies committee of the Transportation and Development Institute (T&DI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).