Tom Kearney

  • Tom joined the Federal Highway Administration in February, 2000.  After serving for seven years as a Statewide Planner in the New York Division Office, Tom joined the Office of Freight Management and Operations in May, 2007, serving as FHWA’s Freight Operations Program manager.  As part of these duties, Tom managed FHWA’s Truck Parking Program, directed FHWA’s Electronic-Permitting/Virtual Weigh Stations initiative, led USDOT’s Smart Roadside Initiative and served as FHWA’s Project Manager for USDOT’s 2012 Comprehensive Truck Size & Weight Limits Study.

    In August, 2015, Tom joined FHWA’s Office of Technical Services serving as a freight specialist.  Tom is a key content reviewer for two of the three recently awarded Connected Vehicle Pilot Program projects and is involved with a number of other projects with ties to the CV Program.

    Prior to joining FHWA, Tom worked fourteen years at New York State Department of Transportation working in a variety of transportation planning related work areas.   Tom served as Secretary to AASHTO’s Sub Committee on Highway Transport (SCOHT) from 2011-15 and is a current member of TRB’s Truck Size & Weight Committee (AT055).  Tom also serves on the Community Advisory Board for the Regional Planning Program at Albany State University.


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